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Please check back  for new pictures to be added 


This is another picture of Jack a blue eyed white dwarf out of Everett Hoppers lines.  Thanks Everett for the great start with blue eyed whites. 


This is Mel's Belle's Betty a beautiful black Jr. Doe that Melody and Wendy McDaniel gave me she is a welcome addition to my BEW and Broken program I have high hopes for this little girl.


This is little Miss Sweet Pea is a chestnut vienna marked doe.  I look forward to what this little girl will produce in the near future.  Sweet Pea  is another gift from the McDaniel family thank you guys.


This is little miss Donna,


This is one of my girls Miss Delilah.


This is little Miss Cleo, she is out of Kari Higbee she's a very nice little doe and is a welcome addition to my Blue Eyed White program.